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Love in the Clouds – M+S Engagement

this session blew me away. one because it was pouring rain and hailing when i got there, and two because it was pouring rain and hailing when i left. the storm literally stopped for the perfect time for us ~ down to the minute ~  and the clouds!! the clouds were just mezmorizing! not to […]

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Justine Russo -


Shauna -

Wow! So many of these shots blow me away! What a great session, beautiful colour.

Laura Dodwell -

You are so incrediably talented. I have never seen such amazing photography.

home sweet home…

… according to dorathy and toto, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. i always believed her, but for slightly different reasons. growing up in the midst of the unforgiving 30 below alberta winters, i used to think… ok, maybe there is no place home – because anywhere else would be better […]

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Joyce -

I can honestly say there is no place else I would rather live than on the prairies… think it actually is just “in my blood” because it isn’t something I can explain but I just love the prairies. We have travelled a lot and, while I love visiting the mountains, I miss the “wide open spaces”.
But…how exciting for you to move!! I’m sure you will be happy ..wherever you go …because happiness is something you take with you and you seem to have a good, positive attitude. The best to you and Scott as you strike out on your own!!

Audra -

Yes….I must say that what you are learning now, in this season of your life Meagan, is similar to what I learned early on in our marriage. The Prairies hold beauty that is not comparable to any other area. The most important thing is that you call “HOME” wherever your husband and family is. You have grown into an amazing woman and wife. We wish you all the blessings as you and Scott make a new “home” for yourselves. Love ya…….

dennis -|dennis

love your site!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !