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Be United. Las Vegas | Okanagan Wedding Photographer

ok… here it goes. i have to be honest.. i haven’t blogged in over 14 days because i have been facing some severe writers block. sometimes, i feel like i have so many ideas in my head, and so much to say that i don’t know where to start. so here i am, starting. i […]

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Karina -

MEG!!!!!! I loved loved loved reading this! You kind woman, thank you for the sweet words! Rob and I can’t stop talking about how wonderful you & Scott are, we feel so blessed. Whenever we are asked about WPPI, we always share about you as a highlight! Can’t wait to watch you & your business flourish. You da bomb 🙂

Trevor Dayley -

Love everything about this post! So fun meeting you all and then doing it all over again in Arizona. Tons of love and sunshine!

Alyssa Turner -

Can’t wait to do it again! So great meeting you both!

Shari Taylor -

I follow your blog and am a fan on Facebook! Your pictures and ideas are amazing, Ive been trying to find a video though that I’m sure you did cause now every time I hear the song ‘wild one’ I think of that video lol I can’t seem to find it though, has it been taken down? I loved it lol

Meg Courtney Photography -

haha! Hey Shari! Thank you for your awesome support! There should be a link to the video in one of the blog posts I did called The ‘Fix with Jasmine Star’ at the bottom of the writing section! ;). It might even be the post before this one if I remember correctly! If you can’t find it, you can try this link ~ – i love that you love it!! 😉 Thanks for reading!

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