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a few weeks ago, i was lucky enough to get to spend the week before christmas in cuba for brittani and jesse’s AMAZING destination wedding ~ if you didn’t see it last week throughout the crazyness of the holidays, be sure to check it out here! unike when you travel to almost anywhere else in […]

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Rachelle Eloschuk -

Meeting 3 women who drive zambonies for a living… haha definitely a Canadian thing! Your pics from Cuba are beautiful Meg!

Brittani & Jesse | a Fairytale in CUBA!

we got into the vintage cadilllac convertible and headed to Casa DuPont for the bride and groom portraits with brittani and jesse. the rain was coming down on the windshield but we had high hopes for a magical sunset, and as amazing as it was, we got everything we wished for and more. after being […]

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Susan Inkster -

What beautiful pictures…absolutely stunning:).

Jane Torbohm -

What stunning photos. you are a beautiful bride Brittani…

Sharen Trouton -

May your future be filled with good health, happiness and lots of hugs and kisses. Congratulations Jesse and Brittani on your wedding day. I agree with Susan stunning photos.

Tiffany Heidenthal -

These pictures! So romantic. Laying on the cliff beside the water is my favorite. The light is SO magical!

Kimberlee Haber Baggio -

You just broke me down…… Tears of love and pure happiness!!!

Betty Ann Beatty -

Wow – a beautiful bride, a handsome groom and an amazing setting. Congratulations!!

Jackie Gannon -

OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!! I seriously can’t handle how incredible these images are!!!!

Joelynn Biever -

What wonderful photos! My favorite is definitely the one with them standing and the water splashing up, that look right out of a magazine! My other favorite is the one with the word LOVE written! I love that one a LOT, so incredible! You did a beautiful job once again! ๐Ÿ™‚

Justine Russo -

So I’ve only commented on these like 900x already but they are seriously RIGHT out of a real life Disney movie! The colours, the lighting, seriously I’ve looked at them all 3x.
Can me and Marco renew our vows in Cuba and you can come?!

Oana Adriana Thompson -

Beautiful Meg Courtney!! Seriously you’re not kidding when you say you create fairytale images. I’m in complete awe!! Stunning!

Sara Stankiewicz -

Crazy! I was just at this same resort shooting a wedding on May 5th, 2014!!

Susan Waters -

Quite honestly this has got to be the most incredible photo shoot I’ve seen.Just….. Incredible. What a wonderful tribute to the relationship, family and friends.

B e c o m e   a   f a n !