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The randomness of “being me”

so the other day steph was over helping scott edit one of his papers for school. if anyone in the world was made for editing… it is my little sister, book worm, grammar fanatic, aspiring novelist steph. this girl is simply not afraid to show her passion for anything, she is enthusiastic and real …. […]

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Wednesday Q&A {Facing our Fears}

i have had an overwhelming amount of people email me over the last 10 days with a very similar question. “did you have fears when you first started your photography? how do you find confidence in yourself and in your work? i am so scared to put my work out there, i am scared that […]

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Abby Grace -

Isn’t it so disheartening how you can be going along, having an amazing day, and then you see something someone else has done and it brings your joy crashing down? FOr me, comparison is the source of my feelings of inadequacy. I’m feeling GREAT until I start playing the “but look what SHE’S doing” game. Love this post, girl!

Joelynn Biever -

Great Post and always so inspiring!

Sarah Dee -

Thank you 🙂

Amanda Penner -

Great topic, your words are always so positive and inspiring! Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today! Thanks 🙂

B e c o m e   a   f a n !