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Shoot & Share Photo Contest Finalists!! AHH!

every year the amazing team at PASS and shoot and share put on the BEST photo contest ~ the votes are driven by the work and not the name as the photos displayed are anonymous, and the people are the judges!! better yet, this year over 27,000 photos were submitted with over 4million votes… WHAT!?!? […]

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Kelley Jo Spurlock -

Congrats girl!! SO happy for you!

Chelsea Wilkinson-Martin -

🙂 Way to go Meg!!!

Kayla Beiler -

Hi Meg! Congrats! These are all amazing! I was just in Kauai and saw this on your Facebook Page, directly to my newsfeed! I have been away for 10 days but am back now and wanted to know the link so I can see my photo (I had one make it to top ten) do you have the link, and has this been posted to the shoot and share page yet? Thanks!!!!!

Hey, remember that time we…. | Our trip to Disney

it seemed like a great idea at the time, and like most things, when jackie and i are together and we say we are going to do something. we ARE going to do it. for this particular occasion, that consisted of us following jeremy into an EXTREMELY cold pool that hasn’t been heated (or cleaned…) […]

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Jackie Gannon -

Oh my gosh. Reliving this through words is AWESOME! Sooo grateful for you friendship! There are going to be MANY more unplanned adventures. #bestfriendsweirdstories #hoodietime

Kelley Jo Spurlock -

Love it. My friend and I did something similar to this once. We were hanging out on a Friday night and decided we were bored. So we drove to the airport, got the cheapest flight (Orlando, Florida) and flew out at like 5am Saturday morning. We ended up sleeping in the airport and going to Sea World (why we went there instead of Disney World, I’ll never know) and it was the most perfect thing ever.

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