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Katie and Mason | The Cathedral of Nature | Kauai Wedding

i’ve never been so in awe of a love, of a connection. after exchanging vows they took a few minutes to just be together. to take it all in. their hands were interlocked so tightly that there was nothing in the world that could keep them from being together in that moment. they stood there […]

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Mimsy Bouret -

almost as good as being there… so very beautiful. Mazel tov <3

Son Geiger Healing Solutions for Kauai -

Congratuoations, the most beautiful pics ever. I cried watching them, so much LOVE!

Dane Goddard -

Masoooon! Cangratulations brother

Mary Blyth -

Such sweetness and light saturates these photos! Your love is so touching and so inspiring.
Blessed Be!!

Harvest Edmonds -

Harvest Moon and I have been so deeply committed and in love – for over 38 years – that most are unable to conceive of a relationship like ours ! And yet we are learning about true love and respect from this remarkable young couple and we are honored to be parents to such unique beings ! – Jim Edmonds – Mason’s bursting-with-pride dad !

Myrica Morningstar -

Thank you so much for sharing. I have been waiting for these photos. So beautiful, you are! Honoring your deep love and true commitment. Blessings, ALL BLESSINGS ALWAYS! <3 Myrica

Jo Anna Korngute Hall -


Kauai Magic | Coastline and waterfalls with the iPhone 6

i was so overwhelmed i almost had tears in my eyes. everywhere i looked i could barely comprehend what i was trying to take in at once. at one point while people were in awe of the shoreline, i caught myself staring down into the water just trying to absorb the vibrancy of the blue, […]

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Ashley Willan -

Those are definitely canvas worthy! Amazing! Can’t wait to visit and have you show me around 🙂 xo

Rachel Wilson -

Isn’t God’s creation incredible?! I can’t get over it!! And you take AMAZING pictures <3 Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!

Stephanie Smith -

Unreal!! Love all the shots!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !