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Be the adventure | A new perspective

i stood at the top staring over the edge. straight down. i thought about a rogue gust of wind or even misplacing my foot as i carefully placed one infront of the other and my stomach dropped. being up there made me feel so small yet so accomplished. it’s amazing where your own two feet […]

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Lana Barbir -

Looking forward to your Croatia pics!

Keely Black -

Well said Meg!!

Rachelle Demoskoff -

Amazing photos and perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

Kaitlyn and Neil | Canmore Mountain Wedding

the rain fell gently, it was supposed to be a flash flood but instead it was only tiny raindrops lightly dusting everything around us, almost as if it was a mist. kaitlyn looked out the window and she was stunning. as i took the photograph i could tell she was deep in thought so i […]

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Dawn Elliott -

So beautiful

Jackie Haugen -

So flippin’ good dude!!! You’re amazing!

Johanne Kovaluk -

Such an awesome wedding! Love u guys!

Meredith Sledge -

Gorgeous shots!!

Whitney Cowan -

These are beautiful Meg!!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !