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Cat and Clay | Kauai Wedding

they stood there, eyes closed, slowly breathing with their heads rested up against each-other mid ceremony. no one spoke as they took time midst a traditional wedding ceremony to just be still. to be with each-other and feel the presence of the love they had for one another. their friends and family standing by, almost […]

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Stacey Ochoa -

You surely captured all the emotions [love] thank you Meg 😉 Thank you very much <3

Dru Devlin -

Congratulations to Cat and Clay. We are amazed at the beauty. And inspired by the love. And, Stacey your talents are many. With Aloha. Xx

Erika Kuwabara -

Awe just looked through your wedding pics, made me cry. So happy for the two of you, I’ve never seen such a happy Clay before. You too shine beyond bright. May you have the happiest of lives together forever

Iceland {Travel Tips and Happy Campers}

well my first main tip about traveling to iceland would be to become very close friends with jackie of jacilyn m photography and have her come along with you, because to be honest, she planned this entire trip. when we arrived in Reykjavik i barely knew where iceland was on a world map let alone […]

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Amanda Lowe -

Looks incredible! Thank you for sharing these tips!

Jillian Waterhouse -

What time of year did you go?

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