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The UN-Glamorous | My ordinary day today.

not every day is or needs to glamorous. as much as i would like it to be. take today for example. today i sat in a (somewhat ghetto… okay really ghetto) motel room, on a bed comforter that i would like to not think about how many times has been washed in the last year, […]

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Jahni Lynn Ruedinger -

Now I wish I had time to call you! Haha! There IS so much beauty in the ordinary days. Just maybe get a nicer hotel next time. ☀️

Brooklyn and Austin | Budir, Iceland Elopement

they sat there together, hand in hand. the priest spoke of love, and choice and admiration. never once did they take their eyes off of eachother as his thumb gently rubbed the top of her hand back and forth. they spoke their vows to eachother with such calmness. there was no rush, no nerves. they […]

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Jeannie Noble -

These pictures give me goosebumps! What a beautiful couple and amazing Picts.

Scott Dianne Barton -

What ever you spent on the photographer it was worth every cent. Absolutely gorgeous,she captured your love for one another. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Mary ML -

The way you captured this couple with words and precious photos has me in tears! Thank you for sharing this joyous occasion of this couple being present with one another and shar their LOVE!

JC Campbell -

Wow! I got shivers reading this. It was like a fairytale so beautiful and Prince charming like. Brooklyn your vows are breathtaking you can tell your in love. The pictures are stunning, and just romantic so happy for the both you. Congrats! Such a beautiful couple!

BryanandCassandra Valgardson -

Meg, you captured beautifully Brooklyn and Austin’s love. I cry all over again looking at the pictures and reading about their wedding day. May this be how the rest of their lives together are….when the storms of life rage all around them just like the wind the rain and the cold may their love for each other be the conquerer.

Brittany Jensen -

Seriously they are so amazing Meg! I love every single one. Not being able to be there while my sister got married was hard but you made it that much better as you captured these amazing moment. I can not stop looking at them.

Ashley McLelland -

This gave me chills, I can honestly feel the love through the screen. Congratulations, you two are meant to be together <3

Catherine Elke Sivasankar -

What an amazing way to start your lives together! All the best to both of you, Congratulations! !

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