A little Harry Potter enchantment … And we’re off… again!

i am so excited to be currently sitting in the calgary airport, getting ready to board the plane headed to dominican republic for my first 2013 wedding of the year!! life has been a bit crazy crazy lately, as we just got home from florida 2 days ago. i was home long enough to shower, do laundry and repack, and now i am off again on another adventure! how is this real life?!!?

so, i will be starting up the wednesday q&a blog series again next week, but this week i thought i would leave all of you harry potter fans out there in a daze of enchantment with some of my favorite photos of HARRY POTTER WORLD! my sister, steph, is a total harry potter head {as we like to call it ;)}, and she was the MOST excited person on the planet when we decided to head to universal to check it out on christmas day. it was the ultimate gift for her, and we all just loved watching how ecstatic she was! it really is the coolest place ever {thecoolest place, not the happiest place… because that would be disney world of course :)}. the ride that is inside the hogwarts castle is absolutely unbelievable. like something i have never imagined, and you actual feel like you are flying around IN the movie. so cool. if any of you are in florida, DEFINITELY GO!

hope you all have an incredible week, and stay tuned for wedding teasers soon, too! catch’ya on the flipside.. again! 😉




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