A Sunset Engagement ~ C+M ~

this session blows my mind. the lighting. the weather. the couple. everything was perfect. carli and matt got engaged in new york (how romantic is that!??!) 4 months ago, and they are planning a fabulous and beautiful wedding at heritage park in calgary next summer (i am sooo excited!!). when i met carli for the first time i knew we were going to get along fantastically. she is fun, energetic, giggly and super cute. it just makes a person smile whenever they are around her ~ she totally rocks my socks, haha! i swear she never stopped laughing all evening during their engagement session, which made my job super easy, and matt loves every minute of it! these two are so evidently in love, and matt is so great with her. he never complained once and he listened so well as i bossed him around for a straight 2 hours 😉 ;). (perhaps because carli threatened him that i would beat him up if he didn’t… ?? but really who are we kidding, i’m not that tough 😉 ) So. Much. Fun.  ~ I am so excited to continue to get to know carli and matt better over the next year and for our friendship to grow… and of course for their august 2012 wedding at heritage park! wahooo!!

~ a special thanks to my wonderful husband who followed us around today and carried all my camera gear, and carli’s wardrobe… and dog-sat… what’da guy 😉



Thanks SC for all your hard work tonight 🙂  Sorry my camera bag isn’t more “manly” 😉 <3

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Johanne (Lawn) Koller -

These are awesome!!!!!!! And such a beautiful couple! Love you guys, can’t wait for the big day!!!! <3

Justine Russo -

Okay seriously the most GORGEOUS session ever! That lighting is amazingly stunning!!!!! I LOVE x1000!

shemale joanne lloyd -

Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them..

B e c o m e   a   f a n !