Aloha 2012

after nearly a month in hawaii and a long day of traveling, i’m home! talk about a drastic change.. from +30 to -20… only 50 degrees different… minor, right? brrrr…!

i AM planning on doing a full blog post sharing some of my favorite images from our AMAZING trip.. (soon!)… but i desperately need to go through the 2000 images before i do so.. ha ha .. anyways i thought this would be a good start!!

this day was one of my favorite days of our entire holiday, and it was new years eve!! ~ a good long day in the sun, great family friends, our “bikini-town crew”, a bbq supper on the beach at sunset, and a night in the sand and warm breeze filled with love and laughter all the way until 2012 😉

we managed to convince all the guys to do a few quick family photo shoots before the fun started, and after alll.. what an awesome way to end an awesome year! 😉


…and thanks so much to owen (also known as the “mayor” of bikini town ;)) for taking these shots for us!

…i know it’s a little late.. but Happy New Year everyone!!



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Caleb Loewen -

I absolutely LOVE the last one of you two in the sunset!! 🙂

B e c o m e   a   f a n !