and BAM… it’s winter. | Okanagan Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

this week i have come to a conclusion. that being, as long as I live in Canada there is nothing I can do about the snow or cold weather. winter will come, no matter how many times we change our facebook status’s to wanting warmer weather and sunshine. the snow will fall no matter how much we “tweet” about summer, and the ground will eventually be covered with that white blanket regardless of all the warm and hot places we dream of and collect on our pinterest boards. winter is coming i thought this morning… whether i like it or not, so why not embrace it. be excited for the snow and the things that come along with it like skiing, mittens, winter boots, warm fireplaces, hot chocolate and the best yet ~ Christmas! ….Winter is coming i thought this morning… and then BAM. it was here.

there is something special about the first snowfall that sticks to the ground. all of the fresh and vibrant colors covered in that new beautiful layer of white pixie dust. by the end of the winter i will admit, i am one of those people who wants summer and wants it NOW. enough is enough… but at the beginning of the season it is new and refreshing. clean and beautiful. i am excited for the ski season and to marvel over the winter-beauty that the okanagan has to offer. i hope myself and all of you are able to embrace this one-of-a-kind season and enjoy it, because whether we like it or not ~ it’s here 😉



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Lisa -

I love the red and yellow leaf pictures!!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !