Andy & Josi | Austria Castle Shoot

during our stay in austria last week it became very apparent that I AM OBSESSED WITH CASTLES!! while driving around in the car, it was the joke of our stay with Andy & Josi that we would yell out “CASTLE!!” every time we passed anything that looked REMOTELY close to a castle including most churches, big old houses, fortress in the hills..anything really, haha!  we are so thankful for these friends who hosted us in their home in villach for 5 days, and we are so excited that we will get to hang out with them again at marjo & bruno’s wedding this weekend in france!

i usually think of scott and i as pretty spontaneous, but josi and andy are really 2 of the most spontaneous people i have ever met ~ which makes them SO MUCH FUN! i seriously couldnt get enough of their easy going, happy-go-lucky attitude, and their zest for life and travel!! they go with the flow, love last minute plans, travel the world together and have a whole book shelf filled with travel guide books to countries they have been and places they are dreaming of going. after we spent 5 days at their home, we left inspired to live a little more “loosely”, laugh a little more often, and to smile always. truly amazing friends and we are grateful to have been able to spend time with them on our euro-adventure 😉 ~ to hear more about austria check out the check-in-video we posted after this shoot on facebook by clicking here!!

SO, after all the castle excitement, we thought it would be only fitting to do a castle shoot on our last evening in austria, enjoy!!! <3


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