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Dave & Tiffany {Love Story} | International Wedding Photographer

ahh where to start. i loved everything about this couple. dave was smitten over his beautiful bride-to-be, and tiffanys “giggle-on-demand” made everything about this session so much fun. tiff and dave drove out to kelowna from calgary for a beautiful weekend in september, and we got silly lucky with some of the best sunset-light i […]

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Whitney Lane Arnett -

Really great job Meg. Gorgeous light and I loved all of your poses. So fun to go to Maui! Sign me up . I need to create a list of wedding locations I need to shoot in and Maui is high up on that list!

Jessica & Reese’s Happily Ever After | Fairytale wedding photographer

oh where to start with this wedding and this couple. jessica, however, is a crier… so to do her a favor and to save her some tears i will keep it short…ish. 😉 jessica is the definition of a princess, or what a princess should be. people all around her look to her like she […]

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grace -

Love the bride and groom shots and bridal party shots! They are so beautiful. That’s so awesome your husband has skillz to help you out at the events!

Whitney Lane Arnett -

Great Job Meg! Love all of the expressions you captured from the entire bridal party

L -

HOLY STUNNING! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous wedding party, gorgeous setting, gorgeous details, gorgeous photography!

Cathy -

Those where the cutest wedding pictures I have ever seen!! The Bride simply beautiful. Very fun and playful :} Truely unique!!

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