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Our Secret Bali Elopement \\ Part 1 // WE’RE MARRIED!

He held my hand and looked me in the eye “you ready baby?”. My eyes were already welling with tears and he hadn’t even started reading yet. We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who went first and he lost. He pulled me in close and we looked out towards the cliffs. “Look where we […]

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Kelli and Scott | Hike-In Elopement

hiiiii guys!! dang it’s been a while since i was logged in here, the last few months have been absolutely INSANE between shooting elopements almost every day (so crazy!) and also trying to plan for our own wedding that is in just 11 days (ah! i need to blog about that too!)! i’ve been the […]

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B e c o m e   a   f a n !