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Rowen + Adam | Bohemian Cowboy Wedding

bohemian girl meets professional bullrider:) they stood there on the little island in the middle of the river underneath the most beautiful fall overcast sky. rowen’s dress was handmade out of an old vintage table cloth and her flowers were picked from the same forest the night before. adam held her close and they stood […]

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Louis Olvera -

Even seemingly plain images may be turned into reality show posters which you for sure have seen many times in reputable websites. This effect can be achieved by creating a tone mapping effect in photoshop. It’s explained here

The “Breakdown Month” | A letter to myself

i wrote this a few nights ago on verge of a total meltdown (haha), and i wanted to post incase it could encourage some of you going through the same feelings! hope it helps! and for the record, the next day i felt great;) xo ~ meg ——– this could be just me, but I […]

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B e c o m e   a   f a n !