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Christina and Matt | North Shore Kauai Elopement

we showed up and christina texted me that they were caught in traffic. i guess another plus to eloping is there is no one to be mad if you’re late…:) peter and i hung out at the beach (tough life, right?:)) and when they finally made it there, it was almost an hour after the […]

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Meredith Sledge -

Your work gives me chills. SO good.

Alicia Davis -

Amazing work Meg. What a lovely couple.

Letting Go and Chasing Rainbows

i checked the time and it said 3:56am. i lied there, staring up at the ceiling eyes wide open, my mind begging me to fall asleep so the rushes of thoughts that flooded my brain would stop. i felt like i had so much to say but was using all the wrong words to say […]

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B e c o m e   a   f a n !