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Exciting Changes and a New Chapter! AHH!

ready for it? 😉 scott and i are SUPER excited to “officially announce” that we are going to be moving to back to alberta!!! we have 8 months left in the beautiful province of british columbia while scott finishes school, (in which i plan to take absolutely everything in to the fullest while we are […]

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Kaihla Stupka -

Whoooop whoop!! I love this post 🙂 SO looking forward to having you two closer!!

Janelle Kent -

SO exciting Meg 🙂

Jacqueline Kathol Kenney -

That’s exciting Meg! Congrats on the new venture!

Roz Edge-Kossowan -

Wow!!!! That is where I live 🙂

Tegan Dow -

Congratulations meg! That’s so exciting, change is fun isn’t it?!!

Johanne Lawn -

Congrats and how exciting. Best of luck to you both!!

Lynn Bailey -

follow your dreams!

Joelynn Biever -

AWESOME news!! I am super HAPPY for you guys! You guys are both amazing inspiration all the time with your dream chasing all the time. I love it, because it let’s me know that anything is possible and no matter what happens you can always take something good out of a situation even if it doesn’t go the way you had hope. Thank You for continuing to be a lovely inspiration to me and constantly sharing your stories + positivity about life. You’re tremendously awe-inspiring beautiful people. <3

Whitney Lane Arnett -

That’s so exciting guys! We have to make sure we meet up before you move further away!

Amy Thompson -

You are a great writer. I wish I had that skill.

Ashley Marie -

Reading your blog just made me feel better about change..I’ve never liked change much but thinking I should be more open to it now, so thank you and good luck on the new chapter of changes in your life;)

B e c o m e   a   f a n !