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Stephanie & Mack | Mexico Fairytale

she lifted her dress off to the side and he reached for her hand as they began to walk up the stairs. he lifted her hand to his lips for a soft kiss and never took his eyes off of his beautiful bride. when they reached the top they held eachother close. taking in the […]

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Samantha Ault Stevens -

Best wishes for a fairytale of a lifetime!

Stephanie Smith -

Meg, these photos have blown us away! I am speechless! And your kind words bring tears to my eyes. It was such a pleasure to work with you and side kick Jackie, you two are amazing, beautiful and incredibly talented! Thank you so much for your hard work and your positive energy! We love you guy!! xoxo

Lydia Stimac Wojtkiw -

OMG you guys are gorgeous! Lots of love to you both!

Rachel Dozorec -

Love these pics and love you guys, Steph and Mac! You both looked amazing! Looks like it all went as planned; a beautiful, fairytale wedding! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!! ❤️

Londa Oshowy -

So awesome Meg! You totally captured the essence of the day! Everyone looks great!

Hannah Evans -

Stunning Photo’s, love them.

Shelly Nunweiler -

Beautiful beautiful! Congrats to you both Stephanie!

Krista Dick -

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Ginnette Causer -

Stunning! Beautiful couple and the pics tell such an amazing story! Congratulation hun!!!

Nathan Smith -

Amazing work Meg! You really captured the moment.

Kimberly Alison Smith -

I have no words. Just… Breath taking.

Helena & Jeff | Sirocco Wedding

We snuck out of the reception into the calm fresh air. The sun lit up the sky like a watercolor painting and the specks in the air sparkled like pixie dust as they were drizzled in silky orange light. She moves with grace and elegance, and he is strong and steady. Her prince. They walked […]

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Kelsey Elisa Jones -

Meg, you are so incredibly talented! This is amazing! So beautiful

Devin Iwaszkiewicz -

Meg, these are phenomenal. You captured the big moments in their day perfectly!! Great job 🙂

Pamela Jessen -

Absolutely STUNNING photos!!

Cassie Pepper -

Wow stunning work Meg, as always. I have a question for you, what lens do you use that gives the perfect circle sun flare framing the couple. Thank you Cass

Krystal Coppold -

These are stunning photos!!! & Helena, wow, you make one beautiful real life princess bride! My gosh!!!! Congrats again!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !