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Martina and Greg | Big Island Enchanted Elopement | Pololu Valley

she read, quietly and slowly, intentional with every word that she spoke. she paused and looked him in the eye, and then would continue. her vows to him. her promises she swore to keep. the reasons why they are perfect for each other in every way. she spoke of the challenges and adventures they face […]

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Martina Wan -

Thank you Meg for capturing this special moment so perfectly!! Amazing!! ❤️

Martina Wan -

Thank you Meg for capturing this special moment so perfectly!! What a magical day to start our journey together! ❤️

Heather Murray -

Wow, amazing photos! And good looking couple too;)

Delia Meinhardt -


Janie Harrison -

Absolutely gorgeous people!

Karen Lai -

Beautiful… much love between two of them is clearly vivid and evident! And you stepped to a whole new level with runners and a wedding gown!! 🙂 Love it!

Cat and Clay | Kauai Wedding

they stood there, eyes closed, slowly breathing with their heads rested up against each-other mid ceremony. no one spoke as they took time midst a traditional wedding ceremony to just be still. to be with each-other and feel the presence of the love they had for one another. their friends and family standing by, almost […]

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Stacey Ochoa -

You surely captured all the emotions [love] thank you Meg 😉 Thank you very much <3

Dru Devlin -

Congratulations to Cat and Clay. We are amazed at the beauty. And inspired by the love. And, Stacey your talents are many. With Aloha. Xx

Erika Kuwabara -

Awe just looked through your wedding pics, made me cry. So happy for the two of you, I’ve never seen such a happy Clay before. You too shine beyond bright. May you have the happiest of lives together forever

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