Cleaning out my Closet!! Clothes for sale!

so the other day, as most days, i was getting dressed in the morning and SERIOUSLY could not find anything to wear. scott looked at me like he usually does, with disbelief because i have SO. MANY. CLOTHES. i’m sure you all can relate… so i tried explaining to him that yes, i have TONS of clothes, i just am tired of wearing them, so, i have nothing to wear. then that night came the brilliant idea – i’m going to sell all my clothes.

i started at 11pm, we got home from a date night and he said “there’s no way you could do it” – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 😉 i walked into my closet and started pulling things off the hangers, before i knew it i had a gigantic pile and it actually felt so good! so i went through it again, and again! so with that, i have taken photos of a lot of them but still have quite a few to add. one of my best friends ashley then came over with her own laundry basket of clothes and we took photos of eachother in the stuff we had gathered so far…. wow that was a lot of changing ha! i have started posting some of the photos on a new instagram account @megcourtneyscloset, so if you are interested head over there and take a look! leave your name below any items you may want and remember you are required to cover the shipping fees if need be ~ i am going to be posting more photos of different items throughout the day/week, so happy shopping!!! <3


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