a few weeks ago, i was lucky enough to get to spend the week before christmas in cuba for brittani and jesse’s AMAZING destination wedding ~ if you didn’t see it last week throughout the crazyness of the holidays, be sure to check it out here!

unike when you travel to almost anywhere else in the world, we noticed that it was so interesting and pretty hilarious visiting a country where the majority of the tourists are canadian. some things we noticed that reminded us of home were the following ~ and if you are Canadian, you will probably be able to relate… 😉

– beer pong tournaments in the lobby of the hotel ~ “it’s okay if you don’t know how to play! we’ll teach you!”
– an overuse of the word “sorry”… for example, walking down the path to the beach and passing another person. as they quickly dodge out of your way they say “oh sorry!”
– group hugs by the pool. new besties every 5 minutes.
– meeting 3 women who drive zambonies for a living…
– a LOT of talking about the weather. whats the weather like right now where your from? wonder what the forcast is for here tomorrow? man the weather is sure nice today. hope the weather stays nice for the rest of our trip. snowing at home!
– overhearing at LEAST 3 people per day trying to make friendly conversation with the Cuban staff by explaining to them about how “they had to SPRAY our plane with chemical before we left to MELT ALL THE ICE because it was so COLD…”
– trying to talk to foreigners through exaggerated hand gestures and slow LOUD sentences. as if the louder you pronounce a word, the easier it is for someone who doesn’t speak English to understand ..”DO- YOU- LIKE-HOOCKKKEEYYY?” (While making slap shot hand gestures. i’ve also concluded that Canadians are all great at sherades)
– a lot of sunscreen. or what should have been a lot of sunscreen.
– people double fisting cer-va-sas and “cheers-ing” everyone in the vicinity of them as if they have known them for years 😉
– and a lot of talking to strangers
-and never getting a city name when you ask someone where they are from because they assume you won’t know where it is.. so everyone politely answers… “WE’RE FROM CANADA!!!”







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