Dave & Leah | Calgary wedding

“I’m not a crier” she assured me. And then moments later she was handed a book of handwritten letters. He had written her one a day since her birthday in June, just so he could give her this collection on the morning of their wedding. Life is a fairytale my friends. It just is.

There were so many magical moments throughout Dave and Leah’s day that I don’t even have the words to begin to describe it to you. Together these two are so warm and welcoming, and they are surrounded by the most wonderful group of friends and family. They were married in the art gallery on Stephen Ave, and everything about the day screamed love and simplicity. Leah and Dave are off to France today for their honeymoon so I won’t spend too much time writing and will get to to photographs! Thank you guys so much again for having us there, we are so excited for you both and can’t wait to hang out once you get back!!


meg + scott


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