Diana + Ahmed | North Shore Kauai Wedding

the wind calmed and he took her hand. he lead her out towards the edge of the grass and they stood there together watching the rays of sunlight pour down over the mountains. the wind had been blowing all day but the Hawaiians would call it was a blessing. the sun was shining, blue sky above them, and the most amazing colors from the sunset in the most breathtaking location. there is something so magical about the north shore of kauai. i watched them stand there together and i was overwhelmed with how grateful i was to see my aunty so happy. sometimes life doesn’t play out exactly the way we think it should or how it goes in the movies, but in the end, all of the good and the bad that we go through is what brings us to these exact moments. and to me, that is the very best kind of fairytale.


this was definitely the best valentines day ever getting to spend it with my family and these amazing friends. and even though i wasn’t officially photographing the wedding, i am so happy that i was able to sneak my aunty and new uncle away for a quick 10minute break so they could take some time for themselves and enjoy the sunset. i am just so so honored to be able to give them these photographs:). also, a huge thanks to jackie gannon for helping me out and taking over whenever i needed to be a guest”!

congratulations you two, love you both … the day forever known as valentines day! enjoy!! 😉


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