Dreaming in the Frost… and a very uncooperative dog….

tucker and i went for our usual walk this afternoon, and the frost had me in a total dream state…. i would have given anything for a couple to photograph in this winter wonderland of frost!! it would have been such a perfect location and such amazing light for a romantic couple… i played the whole thing out in my mind, and before i knew it i absolutely had to run back into the house to grab my camera and go back out, imaginary couple or not ha ha… tuck however, thought he hit the jackpot… TWO walks in ONE afternoon!! needless to say, he was excited…. and i couldn’t help but think that a “human” couple would have been much more cooperative than trying to “pose” my dog….. 😉

…finally! he “sat” for a split second and i caught it!! …maybe we should consider some obedience training… ha ha

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