Easter Weekend in Bikini Town

on family, great memories, serendipity, and an obsession of tucker-photos…

this last weekend sc and i went out to the cabin (also known as “bikini town“… 😉 ) with my family, and with tucker of course. since it is boat access only, we have no electricity out there, so this time of year it is COLD! but once we get a fire going, it is so cozy there is no place i would rather be. the weather turned out to be much more beautiful than we expected, and it was a perfect weekend! i love the peacefulness of the lake this time of year, always so calm and quiet… if only it wasn’t so cold and we could ski on that perfect glass water!! 😉 i got to visit with my mom, dad and sister so much over the last couple days. this place is my serendipity. our little gem. and it makes me so thankful to live in such a beautiful country!!

i am so grateful for weekends like this past one – time with great friends, laughter, fantastic food and so many beautiful memories made. and of course, tons and TONS of photos…  it’s fun to see tucker so happy and free when we go to the cabin- he transitions from “condo-dog” to “lake-dog” crazy fast! tuck is TERRIFIED of driving in a car or truck, so it is funny (and slightly annoying 😉 ) to see him continually jump in the little skiff or the big cobalt to go for as many boat rides as he can, and he absolutely LOVES it haha!! … so, consider yourself warned, and be prepared to see close to a million photos of tucker below…. 😉 haha!!

hope you all had an amazing long weekend, and happy belated easter!!


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Ashley Durance -

Love this!! haha, I love the way Tucker lays down – looks so awkward!! Too cute. Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Hayley Rae -

Adorable photos!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !