Happy Friday from Kauai!

well i have totally dropped the ball with blogging everyday, since it has almost been over a week since my last post… i guess that is what happens when you take a vacation week when you live on kauai! i was so grateful to get to spend the last 7 days with one of my greatest friends ms. kaihla tonai. this girl has such a sweet heart, she is the worlds best listener and has giggle fits like no other. i love her to the moon and back and i am so grateful that she took a week out of her crazy busy life as a wedding photographer in edmonton alberta to fly over to kauai for the week so she could teach me how to make vegan peanut butter balls (oh em GEE are they amazing!) and make me egg-wraps for breakfast in the morning, haha! i have learned that good friends are hard to come by so when they do come around, hold them close. could not be more thankful for this girls love and support, here are a few of my favorite photographs from our week together!

tell an old friend how much you love them today, you won’t regret it! happy friday!


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