Helena & Jeff | Engagement

snow on may 3rd never looked so magical! it’s as if Helena was Elsa off of Frozen, everything around us was covered in white. the most beautiful winter wonderland. their first date was at starbucks, so we started there with some hot drinks and good conversation. then we decided to just start driving until we found a spot on the side of the road that we loved. we ended up at this little path by the river that was absolutely STUNNING. helena lights up any space that she is in, and every time she smiles you can see jeff’s heart is completely captivated by her. i loved watching the two of them together. the nature of their relationship was so calm yet silly, they laughed together and whispered and giggled and rested in silence with eachother. everything about these two is perfect, and i can’t wait for their wedding this august!!

…as for their engagement session, it was without a doubt a snowy may 3rd fairytale… just look and you’ll see :).




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