home sweet home…

… according to dorathy and toto, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. i always believed her, but for slightly different reasons. growing up in the midst of the unforgiving 30 below alberta winters, i used to think… ok, maybe there is no place home – because anywhere else would be better than here!

i grew up in the tiny farming village of rockyford alberta. stereotypical alberta. flat. cold. brown. dusty. empty. our family always looked forward to the many escapes we took in the winters to¬† hawaii to get out of the cold and ugly alberta for as long as we could, sometimes even getting to spend up to 6 weeks at a time on the beautiful island of kauai. always when we were on the plane at the end of our holiday, as we were about to land at the calgary international we would all say “UGHHH WHYYY DO WE LIVE HERE!”, honestly. that is the truth. ok.. so we may still say that… but still. every summer we would head out to the shuswap as fast as we could, to enjoy the beautiful summer that bc has to offer. from all of this, you now can probably see that i have spent the last 22 years of my life, wishing i was somewhere else. we have recently made the decision to move to the okanagan. finally, i am going to be somewhere else. and truth be told ~ all of a sudden i can’t help but notice all of the beautiful things surrounding me here, in alberta.

the revelation that i might actually hold some affection for my home, has caught me off guard over the last couple of months while making this decision. i never imagined that i would actually feel sadness about moving to the breathtaking okanagan from the prairie lands of alberta. but i do. i am sad. and there are so many things that i am going to miss about home sweet home. don’t get me wrong, i am ecstatic to have the opportunity to move to Winfield, BC and to enjoy mild winters, winter skiing, spring beach days, long walks without frost bite, long and warm summers and most excitingly absolutely the most gorgeous fall season i have ever heard of. however, i will always marvel at my home’s stunning yellow canola fields, vibrant prairie sunsets, majestic rocky mountains, gigantic blue sky, childhood friends who have watched me grow, chinooks and the harvest moon. for once in my life, i am feeling torn between these two provinces. for all of you albertans, [who are now thinking i have completely lost my mind] i challenge you to look around and see the beauty that alberta has to offer, and to be proud of your province and your home. as for me, it took me 22 years to learn that everything is what you make it, if you focus on the negitives, all you will see is negative. if you focus on the positives, you will start to see more positives. i wish that i could have had this attitude more while living in this stunning province, because at the end of it all ~ there’s no place like home.









home sweet home.



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Joyce -

I can honestly say there is no place else I would rather live than on the prairies… think it actually is just “in my blood” because it isn’t something I can explain but I just love the prairies. We have travelled a lot and, while I love visiting the mountains, I miss the “wide open spaces”.
But…how exciting for you to move!! I’m sure you will be happy ..wherever you go …because happiness is something you take with you and you seem to have a good, positive attitude. The best to you and Scott as you strike out on your own!!

Audra -

Yes….I must say that what you are learning now, in this season of your life Meagan, is similar to what I learned early on in our marriage. The Prairies hold beauty that is not comparable to any other area. The most important thing is that you call “HOME” wherever your husband and family is. You have grown into an amazing woman and wife. We wish you all the blessings as you and Scott make a new “home” for yourselves. Love ya…….

dennis -


love your site!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !