Our new house!! Progress Post #4

i can’t believe it! we have a house! so exciting to watch it all come together, and super grateful for the photos that people send us when they drive by! it’s going to be really exciting over the next month to see it all come together – can’t believe it will be practically finished when i get back in march! insane!

last time we got to walk through it (a few weeks ago) they hadn’t drywalled yet, but it was still so exciting to get to walk through and check out the rooms! the drywalling is all complete i guess now, so i will be excited to see some photos of that at some point this week!!

one thing that i LOVE is all the windows on the east side, so much beautiful natural light pours into what will be the kitchen and living room and master bedroom, which is super important for a photographer and someone who is obsessed with light haha!! here are some images we took last time, and then an image from yesterday that my mother-in-law sent us! it’s hard to see the color as it was just an iphone and the sun had gone down so the white balance is pretty blue, but i think it’s going to look great!!

…the count is on! <3

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