Our New House!! Progress Post #5!!

ahhhh! i can’t believe it is actually happening!! we have a house! in cochrane! what the heck! that sure went by fast… 🙂 (to read the first post in this series, click here :))

while we were in new zealand last month, we got the exciting email with our POSSESSION DATE!!! (or… as our US friends would say, ‘closing date’! haha!) ~ march 31… ahhhhh! that is in 11 days!!!!

life has been so crazy these last few months that we haven’t been able to get back to alberta to check it for ourselves quite yet… just a few photos here and there that they have sent us so this seems CRAZY to think we will be moved in in less than 2 weeks!!! or maybe the fact that we HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED PACKING YET is also making this hard to believe… ahh!! at least we got the boxes put together the other day… 😉  i better get to work!

can’t wait to share more photos once we have them!! annndddd let the packing begin!! :p



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