i love skiing.

it’s about that time of year when i start thinking about summer again. foreal this happens to me around december 3… december 1st im like “yaaa decemeber it’s winter and christmas this is exciting!” december 3rd its “okkk im ready for summer.”…

although i do love the sunshine, the warmth, the beach wardrobe and of course the hundreds of bikinis ( 😉 )… my FAVORITE part about summer is skiing. I. LOVE. SKIING. and i love all water sports… surfing too ~ it’s days like today where i go through my photos for hours.. just looking at the skiing pictures. it’s insane how many i have… suprised? didn’t think so… take a look!

… if you like skiing too, and you want to see something completely radical, you can also check out the link to watch the HD video i put together on the last day of summer of us skiing… just as a warning though ~ the very first song on the video that plays for like a minute has some offensive language… i had to use it though because it became our ski song this summer… and no one ever listens to the words of the songs anymore anyways these days ha ha… ~ the rest is PG though! 😉 Enjoy this insane video by clicking here! if you just want to watch the trailer with no offensive language (haha) then you can click here to see a quick preview… but i bet after you watch it you’ll want to see the full one!!

here’s to dreaming about warm mornings, skiing, calm water and a straight as an arrow ski course ~ love.

tucker even likes to watch us! 😉



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