Jill & Flo | Okanagan Fairytale

the energy was buzzing. i stood there as the band played the melody of “leaving on a jet plane” but instead singing “she’s arriving, on a float-plane!”. the guests gathered around the dock with drinks in their hands and all full of smiles. the bridal party was closest to the front clapping and cheering as the float plane buzzed everyone before it landed. the band kept playing and finally the float plane pulled up to the dock and flo held out his hand as his beautiful bride stepped down. what an incredible entrance and an even more incredible day.



i loved that they decided to keep the ceremony small and intimate, only family and their closest friends up on flo’s parents ranch overlooking okanagan lake. they wrote their own vows to eachother, and even jill who claimed to “not be a crier” shed a few tears. everything was so meaningful. the rest of the day flew by, photographs, the airport, their grand float-plane entrance and then ending the night with the up and coming country star dean brody putting on a private concert for the guests at flo’s parents lake house! WHAT?! these two live it up and they both have hearts that are larger then life. so grateful that i got the opportunity to photograph their engagement photographs in hawaii, (to see that amazing session click here), and then this epic dream-wedding last weekend, it will be one of the books for sure! so excited for these two, they definitely have an amazing life ahead together:)


2015-08-07_00322015-08-07_00332015-08-07_00342015-08-07_00352015-08-07_00362015-08-07_00372015-08-07_00382015-08-07_00392015-08-07_00442015-08-07_00402015-08-07_00412015-08-07_00422015-08-07_00432015-08-07_00452015-08-07_00462015-08-07_00472015-08-07_00482015-08-07_00492015-08-07_00502015-08-07_00512015-08-07_00522015-08-07_00532015-08-07_00542015-08-07_00552015-08-07_00562015-08-07_00572015-08-07_00582015-08-07_00592015-08-07_00602015-08-07_00612015-08-07_00622015-08-07_00642015-08-07_00652015-08-07_00782015-08-07_00662015-08-07_00682015-08-07_0067it was totally worth getting in the water for this shot… plus it was really hot, so it was refreshing too 😉
2015-08-07_00702015-08-07_00712015-08-07_00722015-08-07_0073jills dad played and sang their first dance under this amazing pink sky <32015-08-07_00762015-08-07_0074canada’s very own country star dean brody! he is currently on tour with paul brandt and got to play a private concert for the wedding… the coolest!2015-08-07_00752015-08-07_0077**if you know jill and flo or if you enjoyed these photographs, be sure to click “like” below and feel free to leave them some love in the comments section! thank you so much for being here and i hope you all have a beautiful day!!**
xo ~ meg.

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