Jillian + Flo | Oahu Engagement

the stolen kisses and extra squeezes as we move from one shot to the other. the giggles and scrunched noses and his thumb gently moving back and forth on the back of her hand. the whispers, forehead kisses and playful twirling and laughing. the quiet moments where nothing is said and the moments where everything is said. where she feels safest and he feels purpose. tippie-toes and helping hands. the most ordinary things can be extraordinary with the right person, and the extraordinary things are something straight out of a fairytale. this my friends, is love.




i am so grateful jillian contacted me and we were able to do their engagement photographs on oahu last week, and it’s even more exciting that i will be photographing their backyard wedding in the okanagan valley this summer! we had such an amazing evening with these two, it was slow and relaxed, we enjoyed the views as much as i took photographs, and we ended the evening watching the sun set over the water with some ice cold coronas. is this job even real?!??! 😉

long story short i just adore these two…. so enjoy!!



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