Kaitlyn and Neil | Larch Valley Engagement

Somehow I had managed to be the only person who wasn’t carrying a backpack as we started up the mountain, and even still I was having the internal battle with myself that I imagine all hikers experience once they start their incline. Why on Earth do people want to walk UP mountains… This has to be the steepest part, I wonder how many grizzly bears are out here.. this surely is a bad idea… I think it is important to note here, that I am not a hiker. I don’t hike. I don’t even really know what the term “hiking” means so for the first ten minutes of our adventure, everytime someone passed us I had to think… “Well, if they can do it, I can do it.”  Then someone came cruising by us almost at a run pushing a stroller and I was then certain that I would live through the day to tell the tail. Whew. 🙂 And by the end of the day, I, my friends, have been sold on hiking. What an incredible way to see the beautiful place we live. So amazing.

Kaitlyn is a ballerina princess. As soon as you scroll down and see the photographs you will know what I am talking about. Her energy is infectious and she is constantly laughing or singing or skipping and twirling around as one should when they are living in their own little fairytale. Neil is a firefighter and as calm and kind as anyone I have met. Them together in these incredible mountains felt like we walked right into a Canadian version of The Sound of Music, if there ever was such a thing. She floated across the mossy ground in her pink gown and barefeet. Arms out and hair blowing, taking in the wonderful fresh air around her. He never left her side, steady and strong. Together they are perfect, and I am so grateful for this day filled with laughter and adventure with 2 great new friends.

Take a look:)



hahahah. we died laughing over the professionalism that was my backwards straightbrim hat next to this absolute princess. so grateful for such amazing clients who turn into friends we can laugh and adventure with:)

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