Kathy & Ryan Engagement | BC Wedding Photographer

ahh where to begin!! ryan is the brother of my very first bride, and kathy was in the wedding party from my very first wedding which was exactly 2 years ago from today! (so cool!) – these two are just amazing together, both equally hilarious and sarcastic, and you can just feel the love and respect between the two of them. ryan and kathy also have a beautiful little girl named sophia, who is THE CUTEST. the whole session she was just yelling “hi mommmmyyy!! hii dadddd!!” it was adorable. and as luck would have it (as i swear i am the luckest person on the planet haha!) the sun came out from the clouds for about 4minutes right just as we were finishing up shooting, and the whole scene was magical. kathy is such a princess at heart, she loves all things pretty and she was just glowing in that beautiful silky orange light. i was so excited it was like you could have taken the whole moment right out of a fairytale story-book, so with that ~ here are a few of my favorite shots, and stay tuned for this amazing couples okanagan wedding that is happening in just over a month!! so exciting!!!






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