Leah & Dave | Proposal

dave and leah got to the olympic plaza with their starbucks coffee’s and sat down on the bench. i was trying to hide behind a tree and stay out of sight, and scott was on the other side doing the same. you could see they were chatting. just a normal saturday for her. him buzzing with nerves. he tied her skates, wondering if he should tie them loosely so he would have an excuse to kneel down and fix them for her on the ice. they got up and started skating. the air was brisk but not too cold. he held her hand, often stopping to give her a kiss. they skated into the middle of the ice. he stopped and turned to her. he took both of her hands in his and they just stood there together in that moment.

slowly, he got down on one knee and her eyes filled with tears knowing what was happening.

he asked her to marry him… and she said yes 🙂


the moment was magical, and even the lady standing next to me who noticed what was happening started to cry. they stood there together for a long time, embracing and talking and looking at her ring. leah was overwhelmed with joy and she was radiating happiness. she couldn’t stop looking down at her hand, and then back up at him.

what an incredible moment to be a part of. (totally worth the 4:30am alarm to catch our flight to calgary for the day! haha! ;)). ever since i started photography it has always been a dream of mine to shoot a proposal, so i was beyond excited that scott and i got to share this piece of dave and leah’s fairytale, and we are so honored to be shooting their august wedding next summer


dave and leah ~ congrats again! we loved hanging with you on that amazing day, and we’ll have to have more celebratory mimosas next time we are in town!! stoked for you guys, hope to see you soon!
meg + scott

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