Leanne & Jesse {Love Story}

they were up at silverstar, december of last year. jesse was a little nervous, and he could feel the ring box tucked into his winter boot. after skating on the pond, he finally worked up the courage to ask leanne to spend the rest of her life with him. and of course, she said yes 🙂

these two are such a wonderful couple. i hadn’t known them for 5 minutes and i already felt like we were lifelong friends. scott and i bundled up, multiple pairs of paints, hoodies coats touques and gloves, and we had the BEST time walking around tube-town and the pound at Silver Star for this wintery engagement session. i loved that the time of year and the location was meaningful, and it was so cool to see how in love and happy these two are together. i seriously cannot wait for their salmon arm wedding in august!

so, long story short, leanne and i were meant to be best friends. she loves all things teal, sparkly, and pretty… and we could both sit around and watch the tv show friends for hours. she has the best giggle, shes a dreamer, she loves accessories, and i swear her “closet” board on pinterest is exactly like mine! haha! soo fun! all and all it was a fabulous afternoon, filled with tons of laughter, fake coffee, great conversation and snow angels. thanks again lea & jess! can’t wait ’till next time!
~xo Meg.


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