Love in the Clouds – M+S Engagement

this session blew me away. one because it was pouring rain and hailing when i got there, and two because it was pouring rain and hailing when i left. the storm literally stopped for the perfect time for us ~ down to the minute ~  and the clouds!! the clouds were just mezmorizing! not to mention to bride-to-be meagan (nice name 😉 ) who was absolutely STUNNING and her fiancee scott (yes, foreal. her name is meagan and his name is scott. weird right? even weirder they live directly across the street from me and my husband scott!!) – they both were so cooperative and willing to do anything i asked! i have been glued to my computer tonight editing these photos because i think the clouds and the couple are both sooo perfect  ~ so i thought i would share what i have so far with all of you! the quality on the blog rocks my socks compared to facebook, so i wanted everyone to get the full effect of this amazing couple and this insane storm! hopefully since it was stormy tonight on their engagement session it means they will have a sunny june wedding next year! i can’t wait!



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Justine Russo -


Shauna -

Wow! So many of these shots blow me away! What a great session, beautiful colour.

Laura Dodwell -

You are so incrediably talented. I have never seen such amazing photography.

B e c o m e   a   f a n !