Mercedes & Lance | International Wedding Photographer

lance loves her. you can just tell from the moment you meet them. and she adores him just as much. it really is the cutest thing to see.

these two have such outgoing and bubbly personalities, we hit it off from the moment we were trying to find each other in the middle of stanely park – “i think we are close.. my iphone says you are here!…. look for the girl with all the the bright red pants!” ;).  scott and i left the session so excited to add 2 more fantastic people into our lives. definitely one of the best parts about my job!

i had SO MUCH FUN photographing lance and mercedes. her smile lights up his face. and his jokes make her giggle in the cutest possible way. they are the perfect pair. to hear about their amazing engagement story, head on over to their client plus site that SC and I have been working hard on ~ you don’t wanna miss all the juicy details about lances “professional cupcake proposal” 😉

~ after rescheduling what seemed to be 1000 times due to the rain in van, we finally made the session happen, and even better lance and mercedes were able to be the “model” couple in my new promotional video later on that day (if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check it out here!! – it all worked out perfectly and i am so excited to shoot their golf-course wedding out on the coast in september!



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Whitney Lane Arnett -

Awsome job Meg. There really beautiful and I really loved your posing

Malerie Pacileo -

Gorgeous work!! I laughed at the Tebow 🙂 But she is absolutely stunning!

B e c o m e   a   f a n !