Missy & Ken | Country Fairytale Wedding

it was her grandmothers wedding gown, 54 years old. she didn’t change a thing, only took the off the sleeves made of lace, and used them for the bouquets. her best friend zipped it up, it fit perfectly. she turned around in the hotel room and started to spin and laugh. she fanned out the lace and looked at herself in the mirror. in that moment, the world stopped and she was an absolute princess.

i can honestly say that i have never met anyone like melissa. she has the warmest, sweetest smile. she is bubbly but soft, and her day-to-day happiness just oozes out of her glowing skin. she used to babysit me when i was little and i hadn’t seen her for probably over 12 years. as soon as we met this spring, her and ken made scott and i immediately feel like we were family. missy’s sweetness and gracefulness can only be described through images, all day i could only think how she moves like a swan, dancing around, spinning with the most welcoming laugh.

ken and missy are the perfect match. they met in New Zealand while going to school which is where ken is from, and his soft gentle, but strong and loving nature makes anyone comfortable around him. their country fairytale took place in the field behind her father’s house and the work that went into the day and the decor was incredible. after watching them together, anyone would be able to see that he will take such amazing care of her for the rest of their life. and as they both said in their vows to eachother (which they didn’t read before hand), “independently they are both kind and caring people, but together, they are so much more”.

congratulations missy & ken ~ the love you two share is inspiring to everyone around you, and scott and i wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, and lots of country dancing together! 😉 xox

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