Julia + Steve | Moraine Lake, Alberta Engagement Session

i drove through constant rain,  by the time i had gotten to banff (which was about 2 hours into my roadtrip) i had convinced myself that a rain session in the mountains would be the most romantic thing ever. after i accepted that that was what was probably going to happen i was actually really excited about it, imaging all of the things we could do as i made my way down the trans-canada. then all of a sudden about 10 minutes outside of lake louise, the skys cleared into the most beautiful day. score! at that point it was a win-win and i was so excited to get to be heading up to moraine lake, i swear one of the most beautiful places in the world.

julia and steve drove all the way from medicine hat and made a weekend stay-cation out of their engagement session adventuring around the rocky mountains for a few days, such an awesome idea! from the moment we stepped foot out of the car we were all in awe at how absolutely breath taking the scenery was. it was like it was straight out of a postcard (you know, the ones that look crazy fake and Photoshopped…) except exactly the same, no filter with the naked eye, pretty incredible! i can’t wait to come back here this summer and take out one of those canoes!

i loved photographing these two. they are so playful and at ease with eachother, and it felt more like walking around exploring with 2 new friends rather than “work”. i let them walk ahead and observed as they held hands and took in their incredible surroundings together. giggling constantly, and i’m sure there wasn’t 5 seconds where julia didn’t have a huge smile on her face. ohhh i just love happy people:) what an amazing afternoon, can’t wait for their 2016 wedding!! enjoy!


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