Packing drama.

ohhh the drama of packing. everytime i have to pack for a trip, i half expect scott to make himself a bowl of popcorn, set up shop on our bed and take in the entertainment as if it were a live broadcasted comedy. (which really doesn’t help. haha.)

i know i am not the only one who probably experiences the anxiety that comes along with preparing for an upcoming trip. all the decisions…what if it’s colder than i think it’s going to be? (it usually is…thanks to my never failing optimism.) what shoes am i going to bring (i never know…) what BAG am i going to pack in…i know i want to bring that shirt… WHERE IS THAT SHIRT!?!? ….although the problem that i most commonly face.. is after much effort of carefully planning each outfit, i zip up the bag and lift it to see how heavy it is… it never fails that i then say something along the lines of “there is no way i am bringing all of this. that is ridiculous“… so i take half of it out. ~ then, for a while, i am super proud of myself for being able to repack it all in only a small carry-on bag (my father coming out in me…). and once we get to wherever we are going, i am constantly thinking that i have nothing to wear, because evidently, i took everything out. except bikini’s. i never seem to short myself on those. (like when we went to europe for 4 weeks and i only brought 8 shirts, 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of jeans, but i still managed to bring 4 bikinis… on a holiday that was nowhere near water… great idea… just awesome.)…

and so the drama begins for our next adventure. at least this one is tropical, so the bikini’s will actually be useful 😉

wish me luck,

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