Rowen + Adam | Bohemian Cowboy Wedding

bohemian girl meets professional bullrider:) they stood there on the little island in the middle of the river underneath the most beautiful fall overcast sky. rowen’s dress was handmade out of an old vintage table cloth and her flowers were picked from the same forest the night before. adam held her close and they stood there just being still with eachother. he whispered something to her and kissed her on the forhead and she smiled softly. As they began to walk off of the little island, the sun as it so often does in storybooks and fairytales broke through the clouds and lit them up like a spot light <3

2015-10-18_00182015-10-18_0019rowens sense of style always amazes me, everything she touches has a simple yet glamourous elegance to it, and that combined with the country feel of their wedding day was just amazing. their guests rode up the mountain in the back of pickup trucks and side-by-sides to rowen and adams favorite lookout on the property, and when the two of them arrived everyone created a circle around them as the most beautiful, meaningful ceremony took place. the pace of the day was slow and relaxed and it is clear that these two make the perfect match. hope you enjoy looking through the photographs as much as i enjoyed taking them! happy tuesday!! xx

2015-10-18_00012015-10-18_00022015-10-18_00032015-10-18_00152015-10-18_00042015-10-18_00052015-10-18_00062015-10-18_00072015-10-18_00082015-10-18_00092015-10-18_00102015-10-18_00112015-10-18_00122015-10-18_00132015-10-18_00142015-10-18_00162015-10-18_00172015-10-18_00202015-10-18_00212015-10-18_00222015-10-18_00232015-10-18_00242015-10-18_00252015-10-18_00262015-10-18_00272015-10-18_00282015-10-18_00292015-10-18_00302015-10-18_00312015-10-18_00322015-10-18_0033**if you enjoyed these photographs or if you know rowen and adam be sure to click ‘like’ below and feel free to leave them some love in the coments section! thanks so much for being here and have a beautiful day! xx ~ meg

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