Sami & Clint | Impromptu Kauai Shoot

we were sitting on the beach with family and friends, enjoying happy hour and yet another incredible sunset. it was our last day, actually we were flying out that night, and i was feeling like i hadn’t taken enough photographs with my real camera throughout our trip, i actually hadn’t even brought it with me on most days and just used my iphone everyday. well, the day before, my brand new iphone 6 got “set down” in a pool of beer, HA! (oops. thank goodness for apple care)  so that morning i had no iphone camera and i told everyone that “TODAY I AM GOING TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS WITH MY REAL CAMERA NO MATTER WHAT!” – things happen the way they do for a reason, and i’m so grateful i had my full gear bag sitting right next to me on the beach that evening:)

i looked over and saw the beautiful sami walking over to us with her camera in hand, i quickly jumped up and asked if she wanted me to take a photograph for them. she was so smiley and sweet, she told me it was their 10 year anniversary and that they got married at sunset in that exact spot. i got SO excited and told them to hold on and ran over to grab my gear, and we got to do a little impromptu photoshoot!! oh my gosh i was just buzzing, it felt SO good to have these two infront of my camera and it couldn’t have ended my trip any better. actually, we shot for a bit and then i went back and sat down, and the sun got even more amazing so i ran over to them again and “made them” get up and we shot a bit more.. so worth it!

it’s the coolest thing in the world and i always feel so blessed with the people that i get to cross paths with because of this incredible job. i’m pretty lucky!

so, sami and clint my friends! happy 10th anniversary you two! so glad we were able to meet!


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