Sarah + Jason | Lillooet BC Wedding

they stood there just taking in all the beauty that was around them. the cool breeze off of the lake felt like something out of a dream. the heat was something i had never felt before but it didn’t matter. they stood out on the point talking and and laughing and breathing in the freshness of the mountains. she fit perfectly in his arms and he held her close.

it had been such a journey to get to this point for them. due to some unforseen events their destination wedding in the dominican republic for last year had to be rescheduled which brought them here in beautiful lillooet british columbia canada, almost 8 months later. and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. i believe that things happen for a reason and their day was supposed to be exactly the way it was, sourrounded by their friends and family. i  was so grateful to have gotten to be there with them. sarah is so sweet and she looked like an absolute princess from the moment she put on her dress. jason is strong and you can tell from the moment you see them together that he takes amazing care of her. congratulations you two, we are so happy for you and thank you so much for having us there to photograph your fairytale!


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