Sarah and Jin | Kauai Backyard Wedding

the light was dropping quickly and the clouds were turning endless shades of cotton candy pinks and purples. he held her close and she wrapped her arms around his neck, the faint sound of john mayer’s “XO” played in the reception tent behind us and they slowly started to sway as they whispered softly to one another. They moved together back and forth, as if their bodies were in complete sync with eachother. he would whisper something and she had the warmest most gentle smile that eluded love and happiness. everytime he would look up at her his face would brighten as soon as he caught glimpse of her eyes. i couldn’t help but imagine what the scene would look like from the water. beautiful sarah and jin, softly dancing to the music on the beach with a cathedral of cotton candy clouds surrounding them, the beach house with the reception tent filled with flowers and pixie lights and loved ones. this exact moment was the epitome of what little girls dream of when they think of a fairytale, and it couldn’t have been any more perfect.


congrats sarah and jin, thank you so much for having me there to share in your day and i hope you all enjoy the photographs!



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