Sarah + Landon | Vintage Engagement Session

on a beautiful Sunday evening in July, landon asked sarah if she wanted to go for a walk on the beach with their dog rudy. they walked up and down the shore, watched a beautiful sunset and much to Sarah’s surprise, before she knew it landon was on one knee with the most beautiful ring, and they were engaged!

…And then they emailed me to shoot their September 2012 wedding and lived happily ever after… hahaha! ok just joking. kinda 😉 ha ha-

first of all, how CUTE are these two! seriously! sarah and i grew up in the same small town our whole lives, she rode on my bus to school for as long as i can remember, and the farms we grew up on are actually only about 2 miles away from each other. i always knew sarah, but i never really got the opportunity to really get to know her back then. over the last couple months i have had the chance to chat with her quite a bit through email, and she is always so sweet and kind, i’ve come to realize that she really is a beautiful girl inside and out. their engagement session was SO much fun, filled with tons of laughing and great memories…  one of the things that captivated me about this couple is that it is so easy to see the mutual respect between them and how inlove they are.

landon is a pilot, so the airplanes were crazy fitting, and being the charmer that he is… along with sarah’s good looks of course… we somehow got let inside one of the planes after the museum closed. i really so enjoyed my afternoon with these two, and when i meet people like this through my camera, or re-meet in this case,  i am reminded how much i love what i do. when i can leave a session feeling as fantastic and excited as i did with this one – it inspires me to a whole new level i never even thought imaginable! so for that, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU sarah and landon! and thank you for being so stinkin’ cute! i love the effort and the thought you guys put into your engagement session ~ it was meaningful, fun and creative ~ and it totally made your personalities shine through to the photographs! you guys did such a fantastic job!!



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Janine Sept -


Michael -

These are absolutely stunning. Beautiful location, beautiful couple. I’ll be following your blog regularly now. Fantastic work!

Karina -

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!

Christy -

These are gorgeous Meg! And I want her shoes! 🙂

Autumn Lee -

Love it!!

two chics photography -

Swoon!!! totally in love with this!!! 🙂

Whitney Lane Arnett -

I think your tour to get awesome worked cause these are AWESOME. What a cool location too.

Meg Courtney Photography -

HAHA! Thanks Whitney! 🙂

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