Stephanie & Mack | Mexico Fairytale

she lifted her dress off to the side and he reached for her hand as they began to walk up the stairs. he lifted her hand to his lips for a soft kiss and never took his eyes off of his beautiful bride. when they reached the top they held eachother close. taking in the realization that they were now married. he held her tightly and she rested her forehead on the side of his face while he kissed her cheek and brushed her blowing hair out of her eyes. they stood there together, quietly whispering. the moment was so perfect that i dropped my camera and just watched as they took time to be still together. she is his princess in every way possible, and this moment would have made anyone believe in happily ever afters.


mack absolutely adores stephanie and she loves him deeply with every glance. as soon as she began to walk up the aisle with her two brothers there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t crying, myself and jackie included. despite the heat, the day consisted of twirling and laughing and so much love and support from their incredible friends and family. it was so beautiful to watch these two together throughout the week, so peaceful and calm and happy together.

what an honor it has been to be able to be all the way here in mexico to photograph and meet such a genuine and loving group of people. not to mention that DRESS!! my goodness. if this isn’t a straight up fairytale fit for a disney movie i’m not sure what is:) so, with that i have a plane to catch and i hope these photographs make you smile as much as they make me smile on this lovely monday morning!! adios amigos!



2015-04-27_00042015-04-27_00052015-04-27_00062015-04-27_00572015-04-27_00582015-04-27_00102015-04-27_00112015-04-27_00132015-04-27_00142015-04-27_00152015-04-27_00162015-04-27_00172015-04-27_00182015-04-27_00192015-04-27_00202015-04-27_00212015-04-27_00222015-04-27_00232015-04-27_00242015-04-27_00252015-04-27_00262015-04-27_00272015-04-27_00282015-04-27_00292015-04-27_00302015-04-27_00322015-04-27_00352015-04-27_00332015-04-27_00372015-04-27_0038a HUGE thank you to my amazing second shooter and bestie miss jacilyn m for taking the time to come along with me this week and for getting so many amazing shots, especially this one below! i love ya and couldn’t have done it with out you!!2015-04-27_0040

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~ xo, meg.

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